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Buying a garden house is easy with Lugarde. You can purchase these directly online or request a quote via the button “request quotation”. We will then contact you to discuss the wishes and possibly visit you on location if your wishes are very complex.

Our garden sheds are manufactured in our own factory and we deliver directly to you, so we switch off the trade of toddlers and you benefit financially from that. Of course we also have a list of cheap garden sheds that can be delivered directly from stock.

Over the years, thousands of garden sheds have been produced by us, which has enabled us to accumulate vast knowledge and experience. Even if you are looking for a terrace covering or carport, you have come to the right place. Our employees are ready for you to buy your ideal garden house with us.

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Garden houses have corners where the ends of the beams meet. The corners are therefore flat. As a result, garden houses almost always have a sleek, modern look.

But log cabins with straight beam heads can also have a modern look. If you opt for diamond heads, a log cabin often has a more robust and traditional look. The garden houses of our Pro system have square posts as corners.

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